Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have totally forgotten about this blog spot. Hopefully I will post without everyone knowing. I like this aspect of communicating its somewhat therapeutic and I get the chance to look back and make fun of myself.
I like summer for only a few reasons. The free time, well thats about it. I cannot stand the heat, the lack of sports on T.V., and the heat. I do love spending time with my boys. My job is awesome in the fact that I have a time that they are off and I am off to spend good time together. Trust me I realize not everyone has this opportunity and I cherish it. Taking them swimming or to practice during the day makes my year! I don't really think they understand how hard a lot of Dads work everyday. The probably assume other men are off work in the summer. I am always gone in the Fall but love spending time when their free. So maybe I'll stop complaining about summer time and realize God put in a unique opportunity to grow closer to my boys!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Dallas Cowboys - Embarrassing. The one thing I noticed about Dallas late in the year (forget all the analyzing and X's and O'x) they could not recover from a mistake. That goes directly to a chemistry and leadership issue. I love Romo but he is not a crisis leader. T.O. is immature and selfish - that's a surprise. Nobody on defense will/can even remotely inspire others. Look at Ray Lewis for the Ravens he will hold everyone accountable, Dallas has no one.

Ohio State - They showed up against UT. For that I'm extremely happy. Too many missed opportunities cost them the game. I do feel good about the game though and am excited for next year. They seem to be a program that reloads and their going to need to. No Laurinaitis and Jenkins on Defense and that will hurt. Pryor will do work on offense and that will be a positive - so overall excited.

Four Christmas - saw this over break and not a bad movie. Not a great one either. I'm to the point where if I go to a movie theatre I want to see an epic film or a great action film. I don't need comedy on the big screen. I guess its because Comedy translates so well to the small screen that 10 bucks to see a movie doesn't make it worth it.

Some Kind of Monster - Saw the Metallica Film again the other day. I can't take my eyes off of it when I catch it on VH1. I have seen it three times on DVD and a few on VH1 (which obviously has deleted a few scenes). It is simply one of the best Rock films made. You can't make up the drama this film has. It simply started as a promotional behind the scenes look at M making their album. It then turns into something you can't stop watching. Granted I love Metallica but the music is only 25% of the film. The other 75% is the band coming apart at the seams. It does have a lot of language issues in it but nothing of the sexual stuff.

Truck is breaking down every five minutes. I honestly got to the point the other night where I wanted to take a sledge hammer to it - no lie!

Back to the 190 weight and I'll get back down to 180 before summer. I do this every year, it can't be healthy to bounce around like this - can it?

I have the "I can do it tomorrow" mind set with work. I hate that thought, trying to break out of it.

Two words I have a terrible time spelling, that should be easy - awesome, and surprise. I always spell them awsome and suprise - ughh


Saturday, December 27, 2008

West Wing

Well how was every ones Christmas? Mine went very well so thanks for asking! I have talked with three or four friends and they have responded that they got "this or that" but their tone and words have said they liked "one or two gifts" but the others were just "o.k.". I really love the way my mom and mom in law go about Christmas. They ask me or my wife (about me) and get those things accordingly. That doesn't mean they aren't creative but they take my personality and likes into account before buying me a gift. Therefore 99.9% of my gifts I love. This year was no exception. I received a my Civil War stuff, books, video games (yes I'm 38), and DVDs of television shows!I also received other great gifts but no one wants me to go through them all - if you are still reading this right now after a boring first paragraph.
Presently I am watching West Wing season one. I really forgot what a great show this was. Toward the end (season 7) the writers let too much of their own political agenda in and lost the fun of the story lines but for about five seasons this was the best. I love the characters and the writing is excellent, its one of my favorite shows of all time. I hope you all have a great holidays.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope things are going well for all out there. I read this article at and think its well worth sharing this time of year. Go to and look under Rick Reilly's column for the Gainsville football team article. I know this may take some work to get there but it will be worth it. FYI Alyssa its not an article on football so you should read it also, plus it will only take five minutes to read!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Great shows

I think we all know that I love to wait for shows to be out for three or four seasons and then get them on DVD and watch them one season at a time. This brings about numerous problems.
1. I always catch promos for season four episode two when I'm beginning season three.
2. Like with CSI (which I haven't completed season 1 yet) I tend to be behind the trend as far as cool shows. "don't you just love the new show CSI on CBS, Jeff?" "Well Steve, I'm still on season four of Little house on the Prairie" (what I did there was simulate a conversation)
3. Deaths - a character dying in a series and me noticing on the promo that this will happen really ruins the season before - kinda the same as point one but I wanted to have more points.
4. I have to wait til the seasons come out on DVD before proceeding. Still waiting for the next season of Rescue Me.

So I'm sure your asking yourself "This looks like a great way for Jeff to tell us what new DVD he's currently watching"
The show is called Mad Men and its about AD men that work on Madison Avenue back in the early 60's. It's just flat out good acting and great story lines. Plus you get to see what its like when Men were Men and Women were not well respected. I'm not endorsing this at all by the way. Everyone apparently used to smoke and dinner was always on the table when the men got home. Anyway it is a great show and now I have to wait for season two to come out on DVD - see point four above.
I'm also really enjoying Mayne Street a new web show on ESPN. Its about one of my favorite ESPN anchors Kenny Mayne and is well written with a lot of humor in each three to five minute episode. Check it out people its gooodd.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun ...boring times

So everything has officially slowed down. The students are in finals, I got caught up with all my paperwork, and all soccer practices are done til March. This is my fun, slow, boring itme of the year.
Iam excited about my buckeyes playing in a BCS game - although I have to hear about UT all month and how much they are going to suppossedly kill The OSU. We are playing better offensively and our defense has always been good. UT isn't as fast as a few other teams so I'm (totally unbiasedly) picking OSU by three. Is unbiasedly a word?
Cowboys are sucking the very life out of me. They are playing awesome defense and not bad offense - if Romo will stop throwing ints! INTs are interceptions - Alyssa - if you are still reading blogs. This will be a good game on Sunday night! The Giants are ready to get beat in Texas stadium.
My boys have discovered the joy of playing MADDEN. So therefore their father has rediscovered the joy of MADDEN. Fun times, except when the 8 yr. old throws a hail mary pass in the last seconds of a game and beats the father. Then proceeds to run around talking smack for the next few minutes. Ya gotta love joy!
Kelly is working probably eight or more hours a day on her shoots and the pictures. She is stressed beyond belief but is doing what she loves and is great at it. (browny points!) She really is working hard and having fun so thats got to be a good thing.
Well now that it has all slowed down hopefully I'll blog more often!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update #2

Whats up everyone - if there is still anyone out there.

We finished the season 14-7 and won 8 games in a row at one stretch. Lost in the semi -finals of the conference tourney, we didn't play well at all in that game. It really was a fun year and I really wasn't ready for it to end. Every coach will say that but we really had a good team that could have done well if we got in the NCAA tournament.

The family is doing great. Kel has really been busy working for Micki and on her own business. Shes having a great time and really taking great pictures. The boys are doing well also. Alec is starting to get this 6 grade style down. The pressure to be cool, figure out girls, keep the grades up and find his niche' in the class. When I step back and look at it - it can't be all that fun for a guy. Evan is Evan still playing fourteen sports and doing well in his class. He tends to get lazy at times with school work so we have to make sure we're paying attention. Its just a laid back fun loving boy - we'll see how that translates into his teenage years. Owen is a typical baby of the family. He asks thousands of questions and gets into everything. He follows me around everywhere and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Buckeyes are doing well although the whole season will be ruined if we lose to Michigan. Ugh I hate that word.

Cowboys will make the playoffs. No guarantees on how long they will last but they'll get in.